After an extensive six-month long study, scientists from Princeton University have concluded that President Donald Trump is in fact the “least racist person ever”.

According to Dr. James McHenry, VP of psychological studies at Princeton, many different variables were taken into consideration including “attitude, sense of self, hairstyle, shoe size and general coolness”.

While the results were surprising to most, McHenry believes he knew the outcome before the final test results were in.

“Trump might seem like a hateful, racist bigot,” said McHenry,

“However, if you consider how much he only cares about power and money then there’s no way he has any space left in his small brain to worry about race.”

According to the University, this is just the first of many tests on the President.

Future tests will aim to determine if Trump is a sexist, an actual human being and if a person can live on a diet that consists purely of Kentucky Fried Chicken.

“This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to study a creature so bizarre, so unaware, so Presidential, we just had to seize it,” added McHenry.

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