Hollywood superstar Scarlett Johansson is in hot water after signing on to play the actress Scarlett Johansson in a biopic about her life.

“I mean, she’s already been in dozens of films and has millions of dollars – why would she possibly want to be in another movie other than sheer greed?” reasoned @KatnissOnFire, a prominent message board commenter.

“She’s taking the opportunity away from someone who really deserves the role.”

The Lost In Translation star has come under fire for her roles as a cyber-human in Ghost In The Shell, which critics argued should have gone to a Japanese actor, and more recently accepting a role as transgender gangster in Rub & Tug, which apparently should have gone to Jared Leto.

“This is just another example of Johansson stealing roles from disenfranchised minorities,” explained @KatnissOnFire.

“The role should really go to a Scarlett Johansson look-a-like. But no, Hollywood bigotry strikes again.”

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