After being fired from his position as Donald Trump’s Communication Director after just 10 days, Anthony Scaramucci has revealed to AP sources that he has video proof of Steve Bannon “sucking his own c**k”.

“Over the past few years, Steve and I have spent a lot of time together in the Hamptons,” said Scaramucci.

“During one trip in ’07, we made a friendly wager that he won.”

The wager involved Bannon performing fellatio on himself, a feat thought impossible by the liberal media, but which was remarkably achieved by the White House’s Chief Strategist.

“It was truly spectacular and quite impressive,” Jared Kushner remarked after seeing the video during a White House viewing session last Thursday in the Oval Office.

“My father in law had everyone come watch, Chiefs of Staff, secretaries, interns. And I have to say, things got a little more heated than anyone expected. It’s amazing how erotic a man performing fellatio on himself can be. Especially someone as attractive as Steve.”

Scaramucci has said that he’s kept the video as a keepsake to remember that beautiful summer in the Hamptons.

He also added it makes for great entertainment at any cocktail party or charity drive.

“People thought I was just making a random, offensive statement in my interview, but I was actually referring to a real moment,” explained the businessman.

“An amazing and beautiful moment, I might add, that me and others had the pleasure of experiencing. It’s just sad that it was interrupted the wrong way.”


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