Hugh Grant has announced his engagement to his partner of six years and has also revealed that he has chosen to remain a virgin until his wedding night.

“I believe that the physical act of love should only be between two people that are betrothed in holy matrimony,” explained the Love Actually star.

“That’s why I’ve waited for 57 years to make sure that I’m prepared in body and soul.”

Grant rocketed to superstardom in the ’90s with roles in Four Weddings And A Funeral and Notting Hill, with his role as Daniel Cleaver in the Bridget Jones series cementing his reputation as England’s premiere Hollywood heartthrob.

However, Grant says that he has always been shy around females and rarely has the courage to talk to a woman unless he’s in front of the camera.

“I may come off as a lothario on screen, but it’s just great acting,” said the father of five.

“Although all the kissing and cuddling seems like jolly good fun, so I can’t wait to see what it’s like for real!”

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