In an effort to settle the debate of whether he would have won the recent US election, Bernie Sanders has challenged Donald Trump to a 400-meter running race.

Confident in his ability to trounce the President-elect on foot, Sanders has been seen training every night since dropping out of the race for the Presidency.

Hillary Clinton has put herself forward as an alternate and has also suggested that Sanders adopt a baton-handling manoeuvre halfway through the race, allowing her to run the final 200 meters and beat Trump to the finish line.

Sanders’ supporters have picketed Trump’s locker room, chanting ‘Feel the Bern! Feel the Bern!’ as the President-elect plans his own race strategy.

Pollsters predict that the septuagenarians’ sprint will be too close to call and will go to a photo finish. Onlookers are encouraged to bring their own cameras, although experts claim that almost half won’t be switched on anyway.


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