Samsung has issued a statement promising that its newest phone, the Galaxy S8, will not blow up on planes but only explode in the comfort of your own home.

“There’s no worse place than an airplane for your phone to explode, so with the S8 we worked hard to build a sensor that knows when you’re in your personal residence before it explodes,” said Ted Hastings, lead UX designer at Samsung.

“With our state of the art ‘Home Boom’ sensor, our customers can rest easy knowing that their phone won’t explode when they are at work or commuting and will only blow up in their own homes.”

Samsung have been working on the Home Boom sensor for the last few years, but is now proud to announce it alongside its new Galaxy S8.

“We can’t wait for the world to experience the S8 and feel safe they can use it any environment without the fear of it exploding,” continued Hastings.

“Except when they’re at home, of course.”


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