The much-anticipated Friends reboot is having a cast makeover after a heavy backlash from fans regarding the original casting choices.

The most notable change is Ryan Gosling replacing Zac Efron as Ross Geller, the iconic role performed by David Schwimmer in the original Friends.

Efron replacing Schwimmer drew a huge outcry from devoted fans of the series, with the more charitable of the rabid fanbase suggesting that Joey or even one of Rachel’s passing boyfriends might have been a better fit for the Baywatch and High School Musical star.

The more extremist fans sent death threats to Efron as well as several NBC executives.

“We listen to the fans,” said NBC Chairman Bob Greenblatt, “and if they don’t want Zac as Ross, then we are going to make a change.

“It’s as much their show as it is ours and I just know that they are going to love Ryan and his perfect recreation of the lovable sexy geek as much as we do.”

There were also suspicions that NBC were forced into changes due to ever increasing cast costs.

Emma Watson, who was set to play Monica, is now box office gold after Beauty and the Beast and Jennifer Lawrence (Rachel) and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (Joey) were reportedly demanding huge wages, as well as time out for their joint 2020 Presidential campaign.

New cast members include Alien Covenant stars James Franco and Danny McBride, who will play Joey and Chandler respectively.

Melissa McCarthy will inject some of her trademark humor into the role of Monica, supported by Saturday Night Live co-star Kate McKinnon as Phoebe.

Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke will play Rachel Green, without the help of her trademark dragons.

All cast members have reportedly agreed to nudity clauses, apart from McBride.

“It’s going to be an awesome cross between Friends and Pineapple Express,” gushed Franco.

“It’s Friends for a new generation!”

A drug-filled Friends reboot filled with nudity is a big risk for NBC to take, but what will perhaps draw the most controversy is a heavily rumored death of a major character before the end of season 1.

“You’re not going to get any spoilers from me,” smirked a tight-lipped Greenblatt, “but I will say that Sean Bean is great as Gunther!”