Blade Runner 2049 made its debut in cinemas this week and has been greeted by rave reviews from critics, although some question whether its star Ryan Gosling is human.

It is expected that there will be plenty of thought-provoking debate about the nature of ‘replicants’, the franchise’s androids and how they relate and interact to the human race.

There has also been much speculation as to whether Ryan Gosling‘s Blade Runner character will be a replicant or not, especially after the ambiguity of Rick Deckard’s status in Ridley Scott’s classic original.

But fans have speculated that the reason Gosling was cast is that he is a real-life android, seeing that he is simply too good-looking to be human.

“Men just aren’t created that perfectly,” claimed long time fan Eva Wentz.

“He must be a manufactured robot, just like Zac Efron.”

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