Early this morning, actor Russell Brand was kicked off a United Airlines flight heading to Los Angeles when he was discovered by the plane’s crew to actually be Russell Brand.

“For a while we weren’t completely sure if it was him or just a confused homeless man,” said United Airlines flight attendant Mary Lineberg.

“But as the engines started, we noticed indeed that he was actually Russell Brand and from there we took immediate action to remove him from the plane.”

The crew credits a few tips from passengers for being able to properly identify him as the infamous comedian and remove him accordingly.

“We take flight safety and comfort very seriously and no one should have to fly with Russell Brand,” said United pilot Sarah Millings.

“Not even Russell Brand.”

Brand was also impressed by the crew’s response time.

“Usually flight crews take 15 minutes to recognize and remove ol’ Russ, but these lovely chaps and chapesses only needed five,” enthused the British comic.

“Cor blimey, can you imagine if you were stuck on a plane with me? Tremendously ‘orrific, it would be!”

Brand’s fellow passengers also praised United for their quick ejection of the comedian, however, other reports have surfaced revealing that Lil’ Bow Wow was on the same United flight, but was neither recognized or removed.


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