Rupert Murdoch has stated that he wants a rapid conclusion to his bid for Sky so that he can give his wife, Jerry Hall, the Christmas present she’s always wanted.

21st Century Fox has formally lodged a £11.7 billion bid for Sky, making Murdoch’s new bride “overjoyed”.

“Mick was always watching the cricket on Sky so I couldn’t get a look in,” said Jerry Hall of her previous husband, the Rolling Stones lead singer Mick Jagger.

“Now I will have Sky all to myself.”

The pound has fallen in value since the UK voted to leave the EU, making the 85-year-old media mogul billions of pounds and helping to prompt his bid for Sky.

NewsCorp confirmed that this had nothing at all to do with Murdoch’s newspapers supporting Brexit during the EU Referendum.

“Mr Murdoch’s phone records show that he has nothing to hide,” insisted a spokesman.

“We hacked them ourselves to make sure.”


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