Republican Senate nominee Roy Moore believes that God started the Los Angeles fires that are currently raging to punish some gay people, but mainly YouTube celebrities for their insufferable personalities.

Moore seems particularly convinced that YouTube stars like Jake Paul, Tyler Oakley and something called Smosh are to blame for poisoning and corrupting the minds of today’s youth with horrible jokes and narcissistic rants that go nowhere.

“All they do all day is say look at my face, look at my hair, look at me walking into Target, look at me buying toothpaste at Target, look at me using the toothpaste I bought at Target. This is the work not of humanity, but of the devil,” said Moore.

“Only some sort of demonic creature could believe that all the extremely mundane things they do in their lives is the least bit important or interesting to the world.”

Surprisingly, many leftist scientist and academics agree with the controversial Moore.

Dean of Social Sciences at Harvard University Claudine Gay has spent a few years observing YouTube stars and is making some incredible discoveries.

“We believe that these YouTubers are most likely infected with some sort of ego-boosting tape worm that causes them to believe whole-heartedly their jokes are funny, they are good, interesting people and that they have something to contribute humanity in general,” explained Gay.

“When in fact they add absolutely nothing to society in any tangible way.”

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