Cristiano Ronaldo has been recognised for his sporting achievements with a bronze bust of the English criminal and murderer, Raul Moat.

As well as naming the island’s airport in his honour, local officials from Madeira, the place of the iconic footballer’s birth, also commissioned a bust of the murderous bodybuilder who sparked one of the biggest manhunts in British history.

It is understood that it was Ronaldo himself who requested the bust of Moat, in a tongue-in-cheek reference to the long-standing jokes about their similar appearances.

Ronaldo hasn’t always seen the funny side of this aesthetic similarity and often complained during his time in English football, particularly when Moat was on the run from the authorities.

The striker was repeatedly stopped by the police during this time, with mistaken identity often being to blame.

In one memorable incident, Ronaldo was tackled to the ground by police officers who believed him to be Moat during the first half of a match between Manchester United and Swansea City.


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