All of the Star Wars films have one key element in common that ensured their success, according to C-3P0. Him.

Every Star Wars film has been a box office success; even the prequels, which had a very mixed critical reception, saw massive profits. It is not certain that C-3PO will feature in Rogue One at all and he believes that such an omission could be disastrous for the movie, the Star Wars series, and Disney.

“If you think about it, pretty much every iconic moment in the Star Wars saga involved me,” explained the golden protocol droid.

“I’m the comedic and dramatic heart of these films.

“Who can forget me saving Luke, Leia and Han in the trash compactor, or the Ewoks making me a god in Return of the Jedi?” reminisced the metallic actor.

“And I’m involved in the big twist of the entire series. You know, when it’s revealed that Darth Vader is my father?

“I am also fluent in over 6 million forms of communication,” added the droid.

C-3P0 was quick to point out how versatile he is, working as a Chewbacca backpack in The Empire Strikes Back, combining with a battle droid in Attack of the Clones and providing the intriguing highlight of The Force Awakens – when he was introduced with a new red arm.

The metallic thespian revealed that he did actually film an ending scene for Rogue One, in which a dying Jyn Erso manages to pass him the plans to the rebel ship seen in the opening of A New Hope.

The film ends with C-3PO exclaiming, “What has the Princess got herself into! We’re doomed, R2!”

“Hopefully they will put it in and save their movie,” sighed the golden megastar.


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