After the huge critical and commercial success of The Last Jedi, director Rian Johnson is turning his attention to his upcoming Star Wars trilogy, which will be based around the adventures of the Porgs.

The Porgs are the new fan favourite puffin creatures that populated Ahch-To in The Last Jedi. The trilogy will explore their continued adventures on the Millennium Falcon after a clumsy Porg accidentally but hilariously kills Chewbacca in Episode IX.

“I know most people’s favourite parts of The Last Jedi were the horses on the casino planet and any scene involving the Porgs,” explained Johnson.

“Just like I knew it would have been a mistake to give a backstory to Snoke or make any reference to the Knights of Ren at all.

“Three Porg films might not be what the fans deserve, but it’s the trilogy they need.”

Johnson went on to detail his vision for the Porg saga, which will include Porg-racing, a Porg wielding a lightsaber, a Porg in a Kylo Ren mask and a Porg love story that he promises will be just as convincing as the Finn and Rose romance.

“Rian has an exceptional vision for the future of Star Wars” said Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy, “and we’re happy to give him full creative decision making, providing that he makes it about social justice, animal rights and casts enough Chinese actors so that we can finally break that market.”

Whilst some are skeptical about the viability of a Porg trilogy, Kennedy was quick to point out that a lot of people hated The Last Jedi, but still went to see it four times.

“We know we can release any old crap under the Star Wars name and it will make a fortune” reasoned the Lucasfilm head honcho.

“You can look forward to great spinoffs over the next few years, like Return Of JaJa, The Sarlacc Pit: A Star Wars Story and Why I Hate Sand: The Anakin Skywalker Diaries.”

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