Spoiler alert: I haven’t seen Big Little Lies, but I’m reviewing it. I’ve seen enough marketing posters and billboards for the show to get the general gist. OK, let’s go.

So from what I can tell, a bunch of serious people live in a really foggy city; I’m gonna say somewhere in the Northeast. From the way each are dressed, I’m also gonna assume that they are all wealthy or at least upper-middle class.

Now, whoever Nicole Kidman’s character is I’m thinking she’s the villain, because Nicole looks very mean in the poster and she is also good at playing mean people.

And Reese Witherspoon’s character I believe is the hero and the nice person in the town. I’m pretty sure either Alexander Skarsgård or Michael Fassbender is in it too, but I don’t think they have much of a role.

Now, the plot definitely centers on someone lying. I’m confident on that. I’m gonna say that the lie is to cover up a murder that Nicole’s character committed. I reckon Nicole’s character killed a younger girl because she is jealous that the girl is sleeping with her husband.

And Reese’s character found out about the murder, but doesn’t have proof, so she is trying to gather proof against Nicole’s character throughout the series.

Nicole now has to tell her friends to help her cover up the lie that she killed this young girl. But Reese gets closer and closer to finding the truth with every clue she uncovers.

However, in a twist we learn that Nicole and her husband both killed the girl together because she was going to blackmail them with photos of her and the husband together.

Then in the final scene Reese learns everything and decides to not turn Nicole in so that their rich little foggy town can stay pure and perfect.

I feel like based on the characters and the plot it was a good, interesting show that held my attention every week, but it started to drag towards the end when it felt like it had nowhere left to go.

I’m gonna assume I liked the art direction and the action of the series, even though I’m sure if felt a bit overdone at times.

Overall, I’d recommend watching it, but have reasonable expectations.

I give it 3/5 stars.

Reviewer: Eric McManon