If the Senate passes its new tax bill, one group of Americans will benefit far more than any other – reality TV stars.

Reality TV stars will get the biggest tax break out of any group of taxpayers, followed by owners of the restaurant chain Arby’s and Russian immigrants.

Reality TV stars have become a valuable asset to American life. They provide not only entertainment, but a measuring stick on how to judge our lives,” said Ted Millings, a Republic Senator from Illinois.

“Stars on The Real Housewives, Vanderpump Rules and even renovation shows like Flip or Flop deserve to repaid for their contribution to our country, and our way of showing appreciation is through this tax bill.”

According to the new bill, reality stars on the Bravo or E! network will receive an additional 25% tax break.

Stars on lesser reality networks such as HSN will receive an additional 22.5% tax break.

Also cashing in will be owners of the fast food chain Arby’s.

The Senate has declared the roast beef sandwich restaurant a vital part of the American economy and is giving its owners a 15% additional tax break.

“We believe if we can keep our reality stars and our Arby’s franchise owners happy, we will be able to keep America happy,” added Millings.

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