In recognition of the hipster movement’s cultural significance, the British government has nominated its stock of ‘pop-up’ bars and restaurants for UNESCO protection.

A government spokesman has indicated that Britain must act to protect these treasured places, adding that their preservation should be, “Nothing short of a national priority, or we risk a situation where they are here today and gone tomorrow.

Professional hipster Simon Dobson is one such business owner set to profit. His East London organic kombucha shack has been granted a one thousand-year conservation guarantee and will feature as an additional stop on London open-top bus tours.

Whilst praising the government initiative and his new found job security, Mr Dobson sounded a note of caution in view of the extra responsibilities he is now obliged to take on. UNESCO guidelines stipulate that all registered sites must provide queuing space for 600 members of the public, guided tours in 17 languages and mobility scooters on request.

Obviously it’s great news,” said Dobson, “but there’s just so much to think about. I’ve had to really cut back on my Deliveroo commitments.