NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has today granted the Philadelphia Eagles permission to play the whole of Super Bowl 52 in dog masks to mark the fact that they are being picked as underdogs for the third straight time in the playoffs.

Their opponents, the New England Patriots, had the choice over what colour jerseys to wear, so to even the balance Goodell has granted the Eagles’ their request to wear German Shepherd masks during the game.

Goodell was unsure about the proposal at first, but relented when he was informed by a noted sport scientist when worn under helmets, the dog masks reduced the risk of a concussion by nearly 43%.

Concurrently, the prospect of dog food companies offering millions of dollars for advertising sealed the deal.

“People have been disrespecting us all season, so we thought that wearing the masks would be apt,” explained Eagles defensive end Chris Long.

“I can’t wait to terrorise Tom Brady, sack him, then urinate on his prone body.”

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