Following the conclusion of the long-running legal battle over who owns royalties to the famous ‘monkey selfie’, animal rights activists are to sue Sir David Attenborough on behalf of all the animals he has filmed.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) sued photographer David Slater in 2015, arguing that the copyright of the pictures taken by a macaque belonged to the monkey and not him.

An agreement has finally been reached out of court and in a joint statement, PETA and David Slater said that the case raised “cutting edge issues” about the legal rights of animals.

Activists have now turned their sights on naturalist Sir David Attenborough.

“David Attenborough has filmed millions of animals over his lifetime,” said a PETA spokesman, “and they have never received a penny.

“Those mountain gorillas he romped around with in 1978 made him famous but they got no financial remuneration.

“Their image rights were exploited by Sir David and their fundamental legal rights have been ignored.

“We intend to bring a legal action on behalf of the gorillas and all of the other animals he has filmed without their permission.”

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