After admitting to sexually assaulting multiple women, comedian Louis C.K. has ruined the plans of many who were planning to binge-watch his FX show “Louie” on Hulu.

“Our plan was to finish the The Handmaid’s Tale and then move onto Louie and Broad City, but now this news destroys our entire schedule,” complained avid TV watchers Frank and Becky Levings.

C.K.’s charges are becoming a problem not just for those who want to binge-watch his show, but for the people who were already watching and in the middle of a season.

These people are conflicted by wanting to know how the season ends and not supporting a man who masturbates in front of women.

“It’s a really hard choice,” said mother, wife and ex-Louie fan Tara Phillips.

“We have to sit down at the kitchen table and decide what to do as a family. If I had to make a call right now, I couldn’t even tell you which way I’d go.”

C.K.’s misconduct has also thrown a wrench into the show queues of many families around the country, causing mass panic.

“We are all messed up now,” Phillips added.

“What are we supposed to watch? Reruns of Family Guy? Suits? Has anyone ever watched Suits?”

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