An old guy will be furious if you give him your train seat or don’t give him your train seat, it has been announced.

Tom Stassi a 72-year-old retired accountant was outraged when a commuter offered him a seat on the train during Tuesday morning rush hour.

“The patronising little shit,” said Stassi.

“I’m in better shape than he is! I could stand for hours.”

JP Quinn, the 27-year-old who offered the seat, was reportedly shocked at Stassi’s reaction.

“I only wanted to show my friends what a great and sensitive guy I am on Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook,” explained the stunned young professional.

On Stassi’s journey back in the evening, nobody made the same mistake, but that didn’t save graphic design intern Howie Joseph from Stassi’s wrath.

“Do you have no respect for your elders, you little turd?” vented Stassi.

“My Dad nearly fought in World War II and you can’t even offer me a seat!

“No respect.”