Manchester Utd and England football legend has spoken out to quash rumours that he secretly fathered pop star Harry Styles.

Whispers have swirled in gossip columns and forums for months and Stiles has decided to put paid to the persistent questioning.

“I can’t step outside my house without being bombarded with this stuff,” complained Stiles.

“I’ve got reporters camped on my lawn and I’ve received death threats from One Direction fans for apparently disowning this kid.”

Styles has so far refused to comment on the subject and it has been suggested that he is benefiting from the media storm with a surge in record sales.

Asked by a Daily Mail reporter to explain recent photos of the pair holidaying at the same Caribbean resort, the England ace snapped, “For fuck’s sake, it was a coincidence. It doesn’t mean I’m his dad.”

“Doesn’t mean you’re not,” replied the reporter.


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