Due to the heavy restrictions that North Korea puts on what its citizens can read, it’s almost certain they’ll never see this or any article written about them.

“While writing our latest geo-political think piece, we realized that we could say literally anything about North Koreans and no one would complain, because no one would be allowed to view it,” says Associated Press editor Dan Calling.

“It’s liberating to write an article about an entire nation knowing that they can’t read it.

“We even discussed just putting a series of random words instead of sentences just to mess with them.”

AP editor Rick Morris went a step further, saying, “North Koreans suck!”

Rick is reported to have then belched loudly and blew it in what he believes is the general direction of North Korea.

“As avid believers in freedom of speech, we can only hope that one day all North Koreans are out from under the tyranny of their leader Kim Jong-un and able to read our article, which outlines how we’ve banged all of their moms.”


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