In an effort to counteract recent negative press coverage, North Korea is launching a new tourism campaign entitled “Come to Missile-Land and Maybe Leave!”

The new campaign aims to position North Korea as the premier place to check out the coolest, newest, and best world-destroying missiles around.

The campaign advertises photo stops for visitors to “make friends jealous on Instagram and Snapchat”, as well as a “6-month tour” of the country’s military training facilities in which tourists will actually get to train, live and become part of the North Korean army.

“Our missiles are what most people talk about anyway, so why not let people see just how radical they are from up close?” said North Korea Defense Minister Yi Jing-Un.

“Plus they look super cool with Snapchat filters.”

When asked about visa requirements and where visitors could book return flights, Jing-Un replied, “No need to worry about that. No need at all.”


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