David Davis has said that there was no need for the Government to do any impact assessments of Brexit as he was confident that Father Christmas will have all the answers.

“If we are all very good for the next couple of weeks then Father Christmas will bring us everything we want,” said the Brexit Secretary.

“Why go to all the trouble of doing impact assessments when Santa Claus will put all the answers in our stockings on Christmas Day?”

Davis revealed that the government has carried out no assessments of Brexit on the UK economy, despite previously claiming that there have already been 57 studies carried out on 85% of the economy.

“When I said that we were undertaking studies in ‘excruciating detail’, that is not the same thing as an impact assessment. That is Santa’s responsibility in this Government,” explained Davis.

“Since we haven’t done any impact assessments, I think it is outrageous of the Opposition to demand that we publish them.

“How can we publish something that doesn’t exist? Grow up.”

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