Donald Trump is considering offering Nigel Farage the position of US Secretary of State when he takes office, it has been announced.

“Nigel had a wealth of overseas experience, especially in Europe,” said the President elect. “He’s been so supportive of our project. He deserves to share in its success.”

Farage, the interim leader of the UK Independence Party, met with Donald Trump in New York and said he would be honored to accept if he was offered the role.

“I’ve succeeded in helping Britain stay British so it makes perfect sense for me to now relocate to America.”

Trump explained that Farage will have beaten off stiff competition for the coveted position.

“I was going to give the job to Sarah Palin but she doesn’t have a passport. She will have to be Secretary of the Interior,” continued Trump. “She’s done a lot of decorating in her time so she will be ideal.”