The BBC has announced an ambitious project to commission a modern day remake of the classic TV series Dad’s Army, with Nigel Farage in the lead role.

After the success of last year’s feature-length homage, Director General of the BBC Lord Hall underlined the timelessness of the popular World War II sitcom.

“Much like the work of Shakespeare, Dad’s Army and the universal themes upon which it drew is as relevant today as ever it was.”

Production is yet to begin but rumors are rife surrounding other coveted roles.

Boris Johnson appears to be favorite to land the part of Pike, while the Duke of Edinburgh has been asked to audition as Corporal Jones.

In what appears to be a major coup for the BBC, Nigel Farage has been unveiled as the main protagonist, Captain Mainwaring, as his hapless band of brothers take up defensive positions at the channel tunnel to ward off the ‘Fuzzy-Wuzzies’.


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