An NHS nurse from Rotherham is said to be “over the moon” that the BBC is launching efforts to ensure that female presenters earn as much as male stars.

“I mean, finally, right?” enthused Sally Ferguson, who earns £23,197 per year working full-time as a nurse in Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust’s A&E department.

“When I’ve finished doing two back-to-back double shifts, I can find it hard to switch off, what with the living daymare of the previous 48 hours seared into my memory forever, so I often chill out with some Strictly.

“And it just grinds my gears that Claudia Winkleman only gets paid £500,000 a year whilst some men on different shows get more.”

Ferguson continued the interview via text on her lunch break, as she had to return to the hospital to tend to the victims of a recent house fire.

“Only a third of the BBC’s top earners are women. This needs to be 50% at the very least. That 16.6% are just falling through the gaps,” texted Sally.

“This is the issue of our time.”