For the past few weeks, NFL players have taken a knee in solidarity against the injustices shown to people of color from those in authority.

However, according to Ben Wheeler, Head of Player Representation, it’s time they took it further.

“Starting next month, instead of kneeling during the national anthem, players will be lying on their backs in the grass, staring up at the sky,” said Wheeler.

“Lying on the ground will make us even lower than kneeling, we feel as if this makes an even stronger statement that we disagree with the choices being made by our country and our government.”

The feeling among many is that kneeling still keeps players remaining upright and facing the flag.

But if the players were to lay on their backs and face their chests to the sky, no part of their body – other than the bottoms of their feet – will be showing respect to the flag.

“We feel that the lying-down solution could be just what we are looking for to make the point we have been trying to make this entire time,” added head of PR for the NFL Players Union Teddy Lipton.

When asked what that point was, Lipton responded, “You know, the same point we’ve been making. All the same stuff. Screw America and stuff like that.”

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