Taylor Swift’s new album will center around the international superstar rapping violent and curse-filled language against aggressive hip-hop beats.

“I have been suppressed my entire life,” said Swift in a recent interview with LadyDay Magazine.

“Just think about it. I’m thin. I’m white. I’m blond. I’m beautiful. I came from an already ridiculously wealthy family even before my music career. Every day of my life has been a struggle just to survive. It’s time the world heard my story.”

While the name of the album has yet to be released, respected sources believe it will be called DikSlayer: The Tay Project and feature eighteen unreleased tracks.

“No one realizes how much hate and anger I have built up over the years,” added Swift, who first forayed into the hip-hop world by featuring on Kanye West’s 17th Century folk album.

“No one understands how frustrating it is to lose out on the perfect oceanfront Malibu house, just because your idiot realtor told you to underbid, when you knew $33.3 mil would’ve sealed the deal.

“It’s devastating in a way I can barely describe.”

Kendrick Lamar, Young Thug and Elton John are expected to appear on the new album.

Lamar’s track in particular has been drawing a lot of interest. According to sources, the song recounts a real scenario in which Lamar witnessed Swift pull a butcher’s knife from her purse to make a 43-year-old woman in Whole Foods give her the last three avocados.

“She’s a scary, violent, crazy person,” said Lamar.

“Definitely someone I’d never fuck with.”

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