A new study by Albert Rollins University has shed a new light on the political ideology of most robots in America.

“For a long time we believed that manufacturing robots, like the ones in automotive factories, and even simple robots like Amazon’s Alexa, were left-leaning and more liberal in their political and social views,” said Alex Zen, Associate Professor of Robotics at Albert Rollins.

“But after a detailed examination of several test samples’ neuronets, we actually found them to be quite conservative. Especially when it comes to topics like healthcare, jobs and even immigration.”

The study, however, isn’t a surprise to everyone; Bai Lee, Director of Computing at IntelCorp believes that this is to be expected.

“Today, robots do most of our simple jobs. They believe that the proposed liberal agenda puts these jobs in jeopardy.

“And as far as immigration goes, the robots clearly believe that they were here first in America, and others should go through the same research and development process as they have.”


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