Hulu have announced that their new show lineup for winter will feature whatever shows Netflix, Amazon and the other networks turned down.

“We’re really excited for our audiences to check out that one drama series and those other two comedy series Netflix didn’t want,” said Larry Lemchek, head of content for Hulu Originals.

“While it’s true that we haven’t actually seen any of the shows we purchased, we know it’s gonna be a fantastic season. Probably. Most likely. I mean, I think we got a show Amazon didn’t want either.”

While original programming from Netflix and Amazon have gone on to win many industry awards, Hulu Originals haven’t been so lucky.

“Frankly we just are glad we have moving pictures to put onto our streaming service. For a while we thought we were just gonna have to live stream us working at our desks or making lunch,” said Betty Lanpor, Hulu Originals President of Programming.

From now until the new winter shows arrive, Hulu will be solely showing reruns from the 2011 season of Cake Boss.

This will be a marked improvement from last year which they just streamed CSPAN.

“I’m personally very excited for our new drama, set in another time period about people doing stuff in the past, which Amazon and Netflix both turned down,” added Lemchek.

“Yes, they have refused to send us the screeners or tell us what the show is about, but we’re sure it’s just fine and is probably great television.”


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