Hillary Clinton has won the ‘popular vote’ by over two million despite losing the election because of how unlikeable she is as a person, it has been announced.

The Democratic nominee who opposed gay marriage, voted for the Iraq war and accepted campaign donations from a country she knew to be also funding ISIS is the candidate that America really wants in power, according to statisticians.

Rory Chandler, a Democrat voter from Michigan, stated, “I considered her the lesser of two evils…which, when running against Donald Trump, still allows her to be pretty fucking evil.”

Many are claiming that the woman that they held their nose while voting for should be in the White House because the slim majority of the US electorate begrudgingly wanted her rather than Trump.

Chandler continued, “It’s a broken system when two deplorable candidates go head to head and the one that most people find slightly less repulsive doesn’t win.”


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