Nicola Sturgeon has made it to the top of our list of world-class mooks this month; but what has the SNP leader done to deserve it? Well, quite a lot, actually…

Nicola is a self-described feminist and thinks there should be more women in politics.

She went out of her way at the last general election to help fellow female politician Theresa May keep her job as Prime Minister.

Her obsession with Scottish independence and incessant demands for a second referendum pissed off so many Scottish voters that loads of them actually voted Conservative.

They may have gritted their teeth and crossed their fingers behind their backs but they still did the unimaginable. The land that Margaret Thatcher used to try out her poll tax experiment voted for more austerity and increased the Tory party’s MPs from one to 13. That is some achievement, even for someone as determined as Nicola.

The SNP may have lost 21 seats at the general election but at least Nicola kept faith with the sisterhood and helped Theresa May stay at No. 10 and brought a smile to the face of Ruth Davidson.

In the 2014 referendum, 55% of Scottish voters had decided, in what was described by Nicola’s mentor Alex Salmond as a “once in a lifetime” opportunity, to stay in the UK.

It turns out that the “lifetime” he had in mind was that of a hamster. A mere three years later, Nicola Sturgeon demanded a second referendum and elegantly titled it Indyref2.

Perhaps she hasn’t managed to work out how the Barnett formula works? Basically, it is a mechanism whereby the UK central government gives lots of money to Scotland to persuade them to stay in the union. It allows, among other things, Scottish students not to have pay tuition fees as well as no one having to pay prescription fees in Scotland.

Scottish voters have decided that this is a good thing; Nicola still hasn’t quite worked it out yet.

Oh, Nicola, you’re such a mook!!


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