And topping January’s Mook of the Month poll, it’s Michael Gove!

This Thunderbird-faced bellend has been mooking it up on both sides of the Atlantic of late.

He upset his mate David Cameron by supporting Boris Johnson in Brexit. Then he upset his new mate Boris by standing against him for leadership of the Tory party. He only got a few votes and the winner – Theresa May – sacked him.

To supplement his meagre pay as an MP, the intrepid Gove recently flew over to Trump Tower to interview and/or fellate the President-elect for The Times.

Gove went from Rupert Murdoch’s lapdog to Donald Trump’s poodle in one quick leap.

“(We) were whisked up to the president-elect’s office in a lift plated with reflective golden panels and operated by an immensely dignified African-American attendant kitted out in frock coat and white cotton gloves.

“It was as though the Great Glass Elevator from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory had been restyled by Donatella Versace then staffed by the casting director for Gone with the Wind.”

Cue: unstoppable vomiting, the world over.

Congratulations, Michael – for one month only, you are the world’s biggest mook!  (No guarantees you won’t mook it up again next month though…)


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