He was just begging for this. The handsy movie mogul has dominated more headlines over the last few weeks than all of his films have put together, making October’s Mook of the Month award fall to Harvey Weinstein!

The term “fall from grace” could have been written for ol’ Harvey. After a glittering Oscar-winning career that has seen him produce a plethora of truly excellent films (and Silver Linings Playbook), a whisper of sexual harassment quickly became a chorus of screams as a choir of actresses and ex-assistants filed claims that Weinstein’s lecherous behaviour.

The accusations have ranged from creepy (answering the door in his bathrobe and offering massages) to downright unforgivable (rape) and Harvey has sought refuge in a Arizona rehab clinic for treatment for “sex addiction”.

Surely if Harvey was addicted to sex he would have just hired discreet prostitutes, like every other Hollywood player presumably does? Nope, it seems as if what Harvey was addicted to was abusing his power. Betty Ford may have to roll out another wing if Hollywood execs start signing up for that particular addiction…

Harvey has claimed that all of the sexual encounters were consensual. Now, let’s give credit where credit is due. It’s fair that this stud would assume that gorgeous twenty-something actresses would want him for his looks and charisma, right?

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What young woman wouldn’t want this stud?

Either way, the outlook doesn’t look bright for Harvey. He’s lost contact with his wife, his brother, anyone in Hollywood who values their career…all who’s left is Lindsay Lohan. Poor Harvey, as Woody Allen may or may not say. He’s gone from King Midas to the Hollywood equivalent of toxic waste.

The most interesting element has been the fallout of other actors trying to distance themselves from the man who helped shape their careers. But did they know about it all along? And, realistically, what should they have done if they suspected it?

The ethically pure have been quote-mining old YouTube clips of actors on Harvey’s periphery and, as always, the crosshairs soon fall on other targets; clearly an online pundit can’t quite exhibit “full virtue” until they’ve dragged every other conceivable bystander into the blame pit.

When Meryl Streep called Weinstein ‘God’ in her Golden Globe acceptance speech, was she aware of her Lord’s wandering hands? Does Ben Affleck “tweaking” a co-star on camera really equal a similar level of vitriol as an alleged rapist? Does even suggesting this nuance make us as bad as the perpetrators themselves?

The faux-outrage at a “rape joke” that Game of Thrones star Jason Momoa made six years ago was particularly egregious, forcing the 6’3″ Dothraki to fall to his knees on Twitter and make a grovelling apology to the social justice brigade. Because a flippant remark at a press conference is pretty much exactly the same as forcing yourself on a woman half your size and you should be judged accordingly.

One positive element of this imbroglio is that the US has seemed to catch on to what the UK realised a long time ago: James Corden is smug, talentless prick. The Late Late Show host’s tasteless jokes have highlighted that the I’m-fat-so-I-must-be-funny rule of comedy only really works for Jack Black. (To be clear, Mook News is not against making tasteless jokes – we’ve built a website out of them – but they HAVE TO BE FUNNY.)

Well, Harvey Weinstein’s career prospects look fairly bleak, as does any promise of him rescuing a semblance of the life that he used to enjoy. And considering that a large part of his life seemed to revolve around exploiting young women, this can probably be deemed a good thing (for everyone who isn’t him, anyway). We just have one thing to say to the guy – Harvey: You’re a fucking mook!


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