It’s Mook of the Month time and who is more deserving of this coveted title than everyone’s favourite bonkers billionaire, Elon Musk?

Musk’s Jekyll and Hyde-like Twitter persona has made it increasingly difficult to tell whether he truly is Earth’s benevolent saviour, an evolved Dr. Evil, or just some fragile-ego’d rich guy with unresolved ‘uncle’ issues.

Let’s take a look back at some of his biggest hits of 2018…

In July, Musk designed and built a miniature submarine to help 12 Thai boys and their football coach who had become trapped in a cave. Nice thought, although apparently unfit for purpose. But instead of bowing out, ol’ Elon bizarrely accused British diver Vernon Unsworth of being a child rapist on Twitter when he refused to use his toy. Very mookish.

Rather than apologising, the SpaceX founder doubled down by attempting to enlist the help of BuzzFeed journalist Ryan Mac. Like anyone would do when asking a favour, Musk started by calling Mac an asshole and then made him pinky swear to not tell anyone about his plan to uncover a Chiang Rai-based paedophile ring, which he asserted Unsworth used in order to marry his child bride…who is 40. Is he mooking us?

As the media backlash hit an all-time high, SolarCity’s frontman clapped back with a simple statement, “Strange he hasn’t sued me.”

Wish granted. Tesla’s CEO is now being sued for defamation and slander. #whatamook

Not wanting to be out of the spotlight for too long, in August the cashed-up technopreneur sent out yet another tweet stating that, “(I) am considering taking Tesla private at $420. Funding secured.”

As it turns out, funding is not secured and now the SEC won’t let him be or let he be free so let us see, they’re trying to shut him down on ADTV but our electric cars would be so empty without…uh, lithium-ion batteries?

King of the Mooks?

Until next month, anyway.

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