It’s that time again, folks – we reveal February’s Mook Of The Month award. And the winner this time is: White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer! Congratulations, Sean!

The Communications Director for President Donald Trump appears to be habitually tweeting his own Twitter password, the nuclear Gold Codes or a YouPorn promo voucher.

Mook News - Sean Spicer passwords

Maybe he makes all three the same so they’re easier to remember.

Mook News - Sean Spicer passwords

But that’s not what bagged him the award.

Considering the dictionary definition of ‘mook’ is ‘a person who believes fake news’, the fact that Spicer retweeted satirical site The Onion’s link to a video in which they say that his job role is to systematically lie to the American people…it’s almost too mookish for words. Almost.

Mook News - Sean Spicer The Onion

And if you need any more convincing, Just. Look. At. His. Fucking. Face.

Mook News - Sean Spicer

What a mook!!


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Until next time, happy mook-spotting!


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