Mook of the Month, the most prestigious honor that can ever be bestowed upon a person, has been awarded to Kevin Durant.

As always, Donald Trump narrowly missed out on the award (you’ll get there, Donnie! Keep on going!), after the world watched the President nearly impeach himself.

However, by a narrow margin, the crown has instead been placed on the head of the man who single-handedly ruined the National Basketball League.

Durant nearly beat the Golden State Warriors last year in the NBA’s Western Conference Finals, while playing for the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Instead of facing adversity and coming back stronger, Durant simply joined the NBA’s best team, turning every game the Warriors played into something the Harlem Globetrotters would be impressed with.

Mook News - Kevin Durant

“Thank you, Kevin; it takes a ton of skill to ruin an entire sport.”

With every opportunity to make a name for himself as a true leader and hero of Oklahoma City, Durant chose instead to just hitch his wagon to what was already considered one of the greatest NBA teams of all time.

“It’s the equivalent of Bill Gates winning the lottery then keeping the money and spending it all on more lottery tickets,” said long-time NBA fan Alec Sails.

No NBA fan truly understood the ramifications of this spineless decision until the 2017 playoffs, in which the Warriors have brutally destroyed every other team.

“I’ve seen more competition in our political elections,” added an anonymous Russian citizen.

“It’s been a fantastic NBA playoffs so far,” said one guy who has never watched competitive basketball.

When Durant was asked for his comments regarding the playoffs, he just started cackling maniacally while rubbing his hands together for about three minutes straight.

To bring a bit more equality to the NBA, league officials have been said to be in talks with Russia to potentially hack the Golden State Warriors next season.

So thank you, Kevin Durant, for being our Mook of the Month. It takes a ton of skill to ruin an entire sport.


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