An extensive new 12-month long study from MIT has found that the new business idea you have is probably really terrible.

With a test group featuring every demographic and ethnicity from every age group, the recent study concluded conclusively that your “can’t miss” business idea, is almost 100% of the time a “full on” miss of an idea.

“We were really interested in the thought process of people who believed they have an amazing business idea,” said Professor of Sociological Studies at MIT, Stacy Willings.

“In each subject we found their business idea to not only be a bad one, but in most cases it wasn’t even a business.”

“Most of the ideas that people posited as businesses were actually just crude drawings they had made on a napkin or crumpled piece of paper,” added Alison Warner, MIT Associate Professor.

“When we asked the subjects to explain their business ideas in more depth, they usually just said the ‘details will be worked out once the business launches’.’”

The study also found a strong connection between NASCAR fans and business ideas that had to do with hats and beer koozies.

A new MIT study this month will dive into the connection between trust fund kids and business ideas surrounding designer socks.


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