’80s German RnB duo and Grammy Award winners Milli Vanilli are planning a shock return to music and admit that they are hoping to capitalize on the success of Donald Trump.

Famed for their ignominious fall from grace and the confession that they did not provide any of the vocals for their tracks, the duo’s representatives have indicated that their self-imposed exile may be about to end.

In a statement released this week, a representative from their record company revealed the importance of the timing of this announcement.

“Milli Vanilli were blackballed in the ’80s. But change is in the air. There’s a real appetite for charlatans out there and we want to make the most out of that.”

When asked for a comment on how the duo would cope with the fact that Vanilli died almost 20 years ago, the Sony representative appeared unperturbed, “We aren’t about to get caught up in the minutiae of it all. These are extraordinary times. If need be, Milli can lip-sync for both of them.”


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