After receiving critical acclaim for his dual roles of David and Walter in Alien Covenant, Michael Fassbender will also portray a deadly Xenomorph in the next Alien prequel.

Ridley Scott has announced that his leading man was so good in Prometheus that Scott cast him twice in Alien Covenant and made a central part of the movie Fassbender interacting with, and even kissing, himself.

Scott has Fassbender contracted for the next two Alien prequels, so decided to maximise the Irish A-lister’s talent while also saving money on employing other cast members.

“My ultimate plan is to have a Fassbender facehugger impregnate a Fassbender android, resulting in a Fassbender chestburster, which will quickly grow into a hybrid Fassbender Xenomorph,” explained the passionate director.

“I also plan to release a remastered version of Alien with a Michael Fassbender-rendered Alien.

“You want to know the answer to the philosophical questions posed in my Alien films as well as the meaning of life?

“It’s Michael Fassbender.

“Or 42.”


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