After Hurricane Harvey devastated most of the Houston area, many residents are homeless and suffering; but there is one group of people who have gone ignored in the disaster’s aftermath – men named Harvey.

“It’s been a really, really difficult time for all of us,” according to Harvey Lenson of Pittsburgh.

“Every time I need to show my ID or write my name down, I get some remark like ‘you gonna destroy this place too?’ Or ‘why don’t you leave us alone already?’”

“It’s always been hard being a Harvey, no one wants that. But after this storm it’s become almost impossible,” added Harvey Mackintosh from Dallas, TX.

“Most days people just throw trash at me and tell me to ‘go back where I came from!’ But, I’m from here in Dallas, so I say ‘that means I should stay here, because I’m from Dallas’, to which they just spit on me.”

The situation has become so out of control that the National Order of Harveys have decided to come together later in the month for an emergency ‘Harvey meeting’.

“We need to find a solution to this madness. It’s time all the Harveys come together and figure how to stop this Harvey-bashing once and for all,” said Harvey Cellers, President of the National Order of Harveys.

“If not, I think that this could be the end to the name Harvey as we know it. And no one wants that.”

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