Megyn Kelly, host of Megyn Kelly Today on NBC, is making the news with the recent revelation that she requires all of her male employees to wear tight fitting bicycle shorts that “make their packages evident”, according to unnamed sources.

“Many men who work on the show feel objectified but are afraid to speak out,” said Ben Flemmings, a former employee of Megyn Kelly Today.

“When you’re hired, HR gives you three pairs of black spandex bicycle shorts with the Megyn Kelly Today logo on the buttocks portion. If you’re on set, you’re required to be in the shorts at all times. Spandex gives me rashes, so this was especially difficult for me to deal with.”

A spokesperson for the show did concede that the all male staff do wear bicycle shorts when they are on set, but denied it was required by the show and stated that the employees “enjoy the airiness and flexibility” that the shorts provide.

Some believe that this might be Kelly’s way of getting back at Fox News for allegedly requiring all female employees to wear skirts.

However, Kelly’s former assistant Lynn Rodgers thinks that the host might just be into “examining packages”.

“I think she just likes seeing some meat on set,” said Rodgers.

“Some eye candy to stare at between commercial breaks. Hell, who doesn’t want to see an overweight, sweaty man squeezed into ill-fitting spandex? No one, that’s who.”

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