Mark Hamill has revealed in a recent interview with GQ magazine that he and Yoda couldn’t help but fall back into each other’s arms whilst filming The Last Jedi.

Hamill had previously voiced his concerns about director Rian Johnson’s interpretation of Luke Skywalker in Episode 8.

It is widely reported that after Hamill was unable to change Johnson’s mind about his treatment of Luke, he pleaded with the divisive director to cast Yoda in the film.

Johnson reluctantly agreed, in order to pacify the original trilogy star.

When he eventually arrived on set, Yoda was hesitant at first to restart his romance with the ageing actor and resisted Mark’s constant piggyback invitations.

But eventually the boredom, loneliness and Irish air of the island in which he filmed his scenes got to Yoda and he relented to Hamill’s advances.

Hamill, who had previously confessed to a raunchy affair with the small but wise green Jedi master during The Empire Strikes Back, was quite candid in describing their liaison.

“The cast and crew disapproved at first,” explained the randy actor, “and I remember Daisy Ridley had this horrified look on her face that Rian ended up using for the scene in which I was ‘milking’ the sea cow.

“But they soon saw the sexual magic between us. It was electric.”

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