Manchester United supporters have voted by 52% to 48% to play in the Championship next season.

“The supporters had a referendum,” said a club spokesman, “and a majority decided that they wanted take back control and play in the Championship in the 2018/19 season.”

“We’re fed up with being told what to do by the Premier League,” said Brian Smith, a Manchester United supporter from Torquay.

“By opting to play in the Championship, we will be free to do what we want.”

When it was suggested that the best foreign players may not want to play in the Championship, the Manchester United spokesman was defiant.

“There are too many foreign players over here. We’ve got a lot of talented British players who are just itching to come and play for United,” explained the spokesperson.

“We plan to reduce season tickets to £350 a year and we’ll bring the glory days back to Old Trafford.”

“We’ll still get the Premier League television money from Sky and BT, won’t we?” asked John Barton, a Manchester United supporter who lives in Croydon.

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