A man has been lauded as a ‘financial wizard’ after he made the savvy investment decision not to buy any cryptocurrency in 2018.

Pete Bradley was tempted to jump on the trend of purchasing cryptocurrency when all of his friends told him that they’d made thousands of dollars during the December 2017 spike.

However, after watching half of a YouTube explainer video on how to set up a Binance account by a German steampunk, Bradley abandoned the project to go to the pub and forgot all about the crypto market.

“I could sense a bull run in the air, so I switched my Bitcoin to Ripple then traded half of it for Cardano, slammed a wad back into Ethereum, which I thought was just about to moon, before riding the Tron train all the way to Lamboville,” explained Richard Smith, a friend of Pete’s.

“And then all my holdings dropped by 1347% and instead of going to Rome for the holidays, I’m taking the wife and kids to Rhyl.

“I wish I’d had Pete’s foresight. The man’s a genius.”

Bradley’s friends have since been pestering him for advice on other fiscal matters.

“I have some previous experience in the housing market,” explained Bradley.

“Just before the 2007 crash, I decided to spend the cash I was saving for a house deposit on a trip to South America. By the time I got back I was the only one of my mates not drowning in debt.”

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