Local father of two, Jim Helford from Coral Gables, FL, was forced to text his friend Glen from his Apple Watch after he lost his phone on a fishing trip.

“It was absolutely the worst thing I’ve had to endure in a very long time,” said Helford.

“My fingers are already pretty meaty, but when trying to text from my Apple watch it’s like I’m wearing mittens. Meat mittens.”

“They say you gotta tap on something that says ‘Scribble’ and then you like draw different letters one at a time,” added Helford’s friend Glen.

“But, by the time I wrote ‘hello’ I forgot what I was gonna say in the text.”

Apple has repeatedly claimed that the Apple watch is great for texting and communication, but life and living in life has proven otherwise.

A former Apple engineer has even gone as far to claim the company intentionally makes it hard to text through the watch.

“It was a bet, plain and simple,” said former Apple engineer Scott Willard.

“The lead designer for the watch bet the lead UX guy he could design an extremely frustrating digital watch that could do literally everything, but would be impossible to text on. Suffice to say he won the bet.”

According to anonymous sources, Samsung also has plans to release a digital watch that’s impossible to text on in early 2019.

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