A San Diego man has decided to fly his dog to Japan for surgery in order to save money on vet fees.

36-year-old Geoff Brethen flew with his dog, Buddy, to The Jasmine Clinic in Yokohama after deciding that his local veterinary fees were too high.

“When you add up the thousands of dollars of vet fees that I was going to have to pay here in California, not to mention the Uber fare to get us there and back, it really is a no-brainer to just pop over the Pacific to Japan for the operation,” explained the financially savvy Brethen.

“Plus it means that I won’t go into the local Blue Bottle Coffee and get one of their extortionate cappuccinos while I wait, so I’m pretty much making money with this trip.”

Brethen has Buddy registered as an Emotional Support Animal, so he could fly with him in the cabin.

“Clearly Mr. Brethen needs emotional support if he decided to fly his dog to Japan for surgery,” commented Faisal Ansari, CEO of the Emotional Support Animal certification provider Moosh.

Buddy has since recovered from the surgery and is optimistic about his future health management.

“Japan was great but next time I want somewhere a bit hotter, so I’m hoping that Geoff takes me to Costa Rica to pick up my worming tablets.”

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