A male feminist comic book fan is agonising over where to stand on the women-only screenings of Wonder Woman at his local Alamo Drafthouse cinema.

Chester Jones identifies as a feminist and regularly champions women’s rights by attending marches and sharing memes on social media.

Jones is also a hardcore comic book fan who has been eager to see the latest superhero instalment from the DC franchise, Wonder Woman, at his local Brooklyn Alamo.

“It’s a great step forward for equality and inclusivity and I’ll be cheering outside the cinema,” enthused Jones.

“I just also really wanted to see the movie.”

The women-only screenings of Wonder Woman by the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema chain have attracted criticism from many male fans, claiming that it’s a double-standard and possibly a publicity stunt.

“Oh, it’s absolutely not a cynical marketing ploy aimed at grabbing headlines. God, that is such a man thing to say,” said Jones.

“Look at the all-female Ghostbusters movie released last year. The studio didn’t have to whip up a PR storm around that movie to sell tickets, so there’s no reason why they’d do it for Wonder Woman, which is definitely going to be a unanimous success in its own right.

“I think. I mean, I haven’t seen it yet.”


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